Our Mantra

Swim in your lane. Do what you love. Love what you do.....and Be Kind Always

Our Story

In 2015, Tracie Webber set out to create a team in the US and around the globe to bring unique products to market. Today, the business consists of a special network of artists, creative talents, manufacturers sales representatives and retailers that together produce the "magic" of Trade Cie. We believe the "magic" is in the details. From creation to shipping to customer service, we want what is best for our customers and continuously strive to do just that.

Tracie and her team travel the world to find and design products of different material, function, and creative appeal in order to introduce new product that is on trend and price competitive. As Tracie says "We make cute stuff!" Thankful for our business today and excited to see where it continues to go we give gratitude to our customers because without you we wouldn't have a story.

If you aren't a customer yet we hope you will register and join what we like to call "our family"

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